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Why Music Matters in Real Estate Videos

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Gone are the days when a few good pictures were enough to sell your home fast. Today, buyers are savvy and expect real estate media that captures their attention in the first few seconds. How can you do that? Well, believe it or not, with the right background music your listings can go from 0 to 100.

Why should you add music to your real estate videos?

Video has become one of the most successful forms of marketing attracting 6 times more buyers. In real estate, videography builds trust and makes listing more appealing! So effective use of video should be an essential part of your real estate marketing plan.

Adding music creates another layer that helps you tell a story and can create an emotional reaction among buyers, making them feel connected to a property. What’s the result? An in-person viewing or even a purchase!

What are the benefits of adding music to real estate videos?

Your listings should always look high standard and make a positive impact on potential buyers. Music is a universal tool that can make your real estate videos stand out from the crowd and keep your clientele engaged.

Music matters in real estate because:

Music sets the scene

Your music choice matters! So it must always match the property. Adding warm, happy and inviting music to a family home listing can make viewers feel positive and upbeat as they imagine themselves living there. Setting the scene gets you one step closer to secure a buyer.

It can keep people engaged

Music-less videos can be boring. You want to attract buyers not steer them away, so by adding music you will keep them engaged and watching the video for longer. Those extra seconds or even minutes can change their mind and encourage them to call for a viewing.

The right song can attract your target buyer

Match the right soundtrack to the video and the footage is more likely to appeal to your target demographic. Fast-paced music may suit an innovative commercial property that’s great for a young investor whereas a chirpy tune could perfectly complement a modern family home.

Choose the music that is most likely to appeal to prospective buyers.

Improve the quality of your real estate media today. At 97 Brickell, we’ll capture professional footage of your properties and add exactly the right music to give your listings a competitive edge. Hire the best media company in Miami today! Get in touch today for more information about our services.

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