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What is Virtual Staging and How Can it Improve Your Real Estate Marketing?

You want your real estate listings to get people excited, right? An effective ad should make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space but sometimes traditional photography isn’t enough. If you’re trying to sell a new or vacant home then the empty space can look a little uninspiring, but that’s where virtual staging becomes a very beneficial service.

Here’s all you need to know about virtual staging and why it’s an important form of real estate media.

How does virtual staging work?

In most cases, the existing tenant or homeowner will still be living in the property when it’s put up for sale which means all of their furniture and belongings are included in your photographs. However, if the property is unoccupied then you’re working with an empty space.

It may seem like an unimportant detail but homes that are staged can sell 75% faster than those that are not. Virtual staging is a service that involves using online software to fill an empty room with furniture and style it in a way that suits the property to show off its true potential.

What are the benefits of virtual staging services?

As a real estate agent the quality of your property listings matter. It only takes a few seconds for someone to decide whether they’re interested in a property and virtual staging can increase buyer's interest by 90%!

Whether your property is styled as a modern home, traditional residence or any other kind of décor, transforming an empty space can maximize your opportunity as a seller. The top benefits include:

● Showing potential buyers how versatile the space is by using different styles of furniture.

● Improving the atmosphere of the home by making it feel warm, inviting and comfortable for buyers.

● Virtual staging is less expensive and quicker than traditional staging.

● Faster sales at higher prices.

● Your property will stand out from the competition.

If virtual staging sounds like the ideal service for your next property listing, let 97 Brickell take care of the rest. Our real estate marketing services are available throughout Miami and further afield, whether you’re selling a modern apartment or a large family-friendly home. Get in touch with us today and sell your home fast!

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